Sunday, July 1, 2007

On the road...

Well, it's been 4 days now that I've been on the road. A total of 1465 miles since I left last Thursday from Pennsylvania. Honestly, some of it's already getting blurry.

Below, I'll give a run down by day. But, overall everything is going well. We seem to have put together a good group to ride with. Everyone is playing together nicely. We are taking lots of breaks and riding safely. Most of the time we are doing 68 mph (even in the 75 mph zones). It's been fun seeing folks responses when we tell them we are riding to Alaska. Most just shake their heads...

I haven't been taking many pictures yet. We haven't been doing much yet besides riding. I'm sure the scenery will change within the next few days. Stay tuned

6/28/07 - Warm, humid, and cloudy
Cris (aka Brooklyn) and I met up in White Haven, Pa on Thursday around 10:30. From there we had a relatively easy 400 mile ride to Bruce's (Bootie's) house in Ohio. It was mostly pleasant, just little humid. It rained twice for about 10 minutes. No biggie, we got our gear on in time.

6/29/07 - Clear skies and in the 70's
Ron met us at Bruce's and we rolled out around 9:00 am. Met Tom and Leroy on the Ohio T-pike an hour or so later. This was the 6 out of the 7 of us now together. We made it to Luddington, MI without any major incident. It was a total of 405 miles for the folks leaving from Bruce's.

6/30/07 - Clear Skies, morning was chilly. Afternoon was warm (80's?)
Got up early and got on the ferry that ran to Manitowoc, WI. It was 4 hours to get to WI on the boat. Everyone seemed to enjoy the break (already) from riding and taking the ferry probably saved us a day's worth of riding.

We still had to meet Erica (aka Red) in Hudson, WI. Once we met her, that was the last of the group to meet up with. We camped in Sand Dunes State Forrest near Zimmerman, MN. Had a campfire and enjoyed ourselves.

7/1/07 - Mostly clear skies, warm temps (70-80) 30 mph winds (gusty)
Got on the road in the morning, despite a few wrong turns. Road another full day from Minnesota and into North Dakota. It was a nice ride this morning. But, lots of wind this afternoon. We all had quite a work out keeping everything on the road.

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