Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in the Good Ole US of A

Well, I realize it's been a while since I updated everyone. It's not that there hasn't been anything to report, just that I've been busy enjoying myself and a lack of Internet connectivity.

Last time I wrote to you was from Dease Lake, BC, Canada on Rt 37 (Cassair Hwy). When I got up that day the skies had cleared and the roads dried out. There was a bit more construction to go through which consisted of mainly gravel roads. I didn't think it was that bad. Once the construction was over, the road was great. And the lower portion of the road turned out to be a really nice paved (real pavement!) road.

Gas was again a little tight. Actually really tight. I went this stretch alone. Ran into some bikers (fortunately) that advised me that I would need to go to Stewart (off of Rt 37 by about 40 miles) just to get gas. Going out of your way by 80 miles just to get gas seems counterintuitive, but it worked out. As a side benefit the road to Stewart is just awesome. I saw some really cool glaciers (these things just don't get old):

The bad part about Stewart is that it was raining nearly the whole way there and back to Rt 37. Oh well. I barely made it to the next gas station after Stewart. I went 132 miles and pulled into the gas station with the bike literally sputtering for the last mile...but I made it. Whew!

The Cassair Hwy is a great road and I saw more black bears along the roadway then I've seen in my entire life (including zoos).

This little fellow was one of the few that wasn't too camera shy (taken with engine running and in gear!):

This is one of my favorite photos of the day (on the Cassair):

I stayed in a little state park campground, Seeley Lake. This is what I woke up to:

From Seeley lake I headed to Lac La Hache and camped in another (larger) state park which had flushing toilets. Unfortunately, it rained (or threatened to rain) nearly all day. The good news was it had stopped well before stopping for the night and didn't rain at all over night. But, it prevented me from taking many pictures.

From Lac La Hache I road thru to Seattle where I visited/stayed with my friend Opa. He had originally thought of going on the trip with the group to Alaska (but thought better). Opa couldn't come up and meet me along the way, but he sent his rain up to meet me. It rained again damn near all day. It was a shame because there were some really pretty passes through the mountains, but I didn't want to take the camera out in the pouring rain.

I had a good visit with Opa and his wife. I changed my oil and washed the bike (then it rained some more). I left fairly late in the afternoon, but felt like I needed to make a little bit of progress today. It rained fairly heavy as I left the Seattle area, but I found it fitting. Once I cleared the mountain passes, the skies cleared up and I had a good ride for a while. I didn't ride very late because it was quite obvious by looking at the clouds that I was about to ride into it. Since I really had enough rain the last few days I stopped before reaching Pendleton, OR.

Somewhere in Washington:

Washington or Oregon:

I haven't seen the sun set in awhile, so I was kinda excited about it:

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. I'm thinking of doing a little exploring in the mountains just down the road. Some locals were telling me of some curvy roads...might just have to see if I can't straighten them out...

For all the pictures of the last few days:

Dease Lake to Seeley
Seeley Lake to Lac La Hache
Seattle to Pendleton
Seattle to Pendleton


Burel said...

Enjoying your trip reports. It's an adventure you will have fond memories of to tell your grandchildren. Keep riding and posting.

Triz said...

The scenery in your pictures is awesome! I could imagine being there. Your blog is great! Keep cruising and enjoy your ride!

Michele said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying the trip. There is so much to see in this great Country of ours that I will probably never get to see. Thanks for bringing it to me through your eyes and your camera. Stunning photos. Thanks for taking the time to write the blog.

Ride safe.

The R Man said...

Hey buddy I got a double cheese burger (or 2) waiting for you if and when you get back. I am happy that you are happy. I give you mucho credit for doing what you are doing. Go get em.