Saturday, July 7, 2007

More miles...

Well, it's late here in Dawson Creek, BC Canada. But, the sun just set moments ago at 9:44 PM. Weird.

Yesterday, 7/5/07, we rode from Cranbrook (where my last post was from) to Jasper. Weather was hot, in the high 80's (maybe low 90's) and sunny skies all day. We road on the Icefield Parkway. Any words I would use to try to describe it would fall flat. The pictures I took don't even come close to showing the size and beauty of the scenery. Mountains, mountains everywhere you look. And no little hills, these are big ass mountains. The guys on the trip that have toured the US Rockies say they are nothing in comparison to the Canadian Rockies. The little I've seen of the Rockies in Colorado, they just don't compare.

For those that know Leroy or Ron:

To see all the pictures for 7/5/07, go here.

Today, 7/6/07, we road from Jasper to Dawson Creek. The weather was a bit cooler, mid 60's maybe a high of low 70's. A couple of brief showers. Nothing too bad, but we didn't stop to put gear on so my feet were soaking wet all day (and will likely be for the next couple days until my boots dry). Oh well. As we left Jasper the views were real nice. Once we got to Grande Prairie there wasn't much to look at. There was some discussion about continuing on for a little further this evening, but everyone was tired and cranky. I think the long days are taking there toll.

I only got a few pictures of the wild life, but we've seen some. Elk, dear, wolf (or maybe coyote), and a few things I can't think of right now. This morning we got "visitors" at our campsite...

To see all the pictures for 7/6/07, go here.

We've lost a few more things to the road. Bruce lost one of his shoes that he had under his bungee net on his trailer. Ron lost his hat (that was in his unzippered tank bag). Bruce also lost a few keys off his keychain, including the spare keys for the trailer lock, gun lock (hopefully we really won't need it!), and Erica's spare bike keys.

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