Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Long days...

Well, today was probably one of the harder days for me personally. It was another ~ 400 mile day. I don't have enough energy or time for a lot of details. The good news we have reached Glacier National park today. The scenery changed so drastically. It is rather breath taking.

We did have a few issues today. First was we didn't get gas first thing in the morning. We decided to goto the gas station that there was a sign advertising was 30 miles away. Well, it was 30 miles away. Unfortunately, there was some confusion and most of us didn't see that they had gas pumps. Bruce said he saw them around back. We road on because he was the only one that had that bit of information. We made it another 15 or 20 miles until folks started running out of gas. And to everyone's surprise it wasn't me. Tom ran out first. When Bruce turned around to see what the problem was he ran out. I never actually ran out (but I did cheat and used my 2 camping bottle of gas, not sure if I really needed it).

At a later point, Bruce's sweatshirt that he had bungeed to the trailer came loose. I came to a stop to tell him before he lost it and promptly dropped my bike over before I got it onto the kickstand. Oh, I should mention this is the third time I've done this or something similar in the last week. Nothing broke each time. I have no ego to get bruised so it's all good. Everyone is enjoying poking fun at me, and that's fine I deserve it.

Later down the road, Bruce did loose his sweatshirt and leather jacket off the back of the trailer. We spun around and picked it up...

Anyway, I think we are still having fun. It should be a beautiful day tomorrow. We'll probably see some great sites. I'll try to post pictures when I get a chance (the connection I have now is painfully slow).


Joakim said...

Cool! We (listers) are following your trip! Is your engine running flawlessly?

Joe said...

In the immortal words of Lee:



Hope things are looking up (and how can't they, if you are in the Rockies?). Looking forward to hearing more of your travels.