Monday, July 23, 2007

Another day...

So, I left Ogden, UT this morning. Silly me went and found the local Harley dealership...only to realize it's Sunday and they are closed. Duh.

Got back on the Interstate (I-84 -> I-80) and busted out 400+ miles today. Not a bad day to ride. The weather was nice in the morning. It got hot for a while in the early afternoon. Then it cooled down as the clouds settled in. Since there was a nasty storm brewing I bunked up at a hotel. I decided to go with a nicer chain hotel (one that I'm a "member" of) in Cheyenne, WY. It was probably a mistake, as I got raped. This is the most I have EVER paid for a hotel. Ever. Insane. But, it's apparently "Frontier Days" in Cheyenne (some big rodeo thing). For what I paid there should have been a cow girl waiting for me in the room! ;)

The ride today was quite enjoyable. The landscape was beautiful (especially for an interstate). Only one little "incident" to report; I dropped the bike, again. I was really pissed this time. No damage (those highway pegs have been life savers). There was a young women pulled off on the side of the road and as I road past she waved and indicated she needed help. I'm not much of a gentlemen, but I am a sucker for a damsel in distress. As it turned out she had run out of gas and had children in the car. She had called the local gas station, but felt like they were taking too long. I told her I would dump the spare gas (1/2 gallon) that I had and if that didn't work I would fetch her more. I had stopped a quarter of a mile ahead of her. So, I spun my bike around on the interstate and head down the shoulder back to her car. As I got to her car, I went to turn back around on the shoulder. I saw the gravel, and since I'm so used to riding on gravel, didn't even think about it when I pulled onto it. Unfortunately, with the speed I was going (slow) and turning real hard down went the bike. About that same time, the guy from the gas station pulled up with 5 gallons of gas for her.... Errrr. Oh well, no good deed goes unpunished. Nothing broke as I said. I needed to tighten my mirror and high way peg (probably needed to be tightened anyway, right?).

Anyway, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Planning on making one of my longest legs yet. Planning on meeting a friend (Cindy) in Kansas City (some 600+ miles).

I took lots of pictures today:

7/22/07 - Ogden, UT to Cheyenne, WY

A little tidbit, if I EVER have a daughter (and that's so far fetched for so many reasons), I think I would name here Cheyenne. I think it's a really pretty girl's name. Maybe I'll get a dog and name her that (sorry, Mom).

Me smiling at 80 mph:


Judy said...

Once you use the name for a dog, it won't work for a daughter, so choose wisely. Maybe you'll meet a cute waitress or biker chick on this trip.
The pictures and video clip are great, but like someone else said. why aren't both hands on the bike?!
Thinking about you lots. Have fun and ride safe.

Michele said...

Wow! That looks like some
bare country out there.
Still very beautiful though.
Glad the bike is running well.
Be careful out there.


ali said...

Hey Dan,how are you? It's Ali!!! I just got a chance to read all your blogs.......Awesome! What an adventure! Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Glad to see you're doing what you love! ENJOY! Ali :-)