Monday, June 25, 2007

Test fit

A few folks have asked how I'm going to fit all my gear on my bike. A couple weeks ago I did a test fit and took a picture. I think there will be one additional bag tied one, but this gives you an idea:

I'll also have a windshield and tank bag on the bike for the trip.

3 more days!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The trip... Sign up now for the mailing list!!

Ok, as I get this blog setup I'll give a quick rundown of what will be "THE" adventure. There are seven of us that are taking our motorcycles to Alaska. Most are from Ohio, myself from Pennsylvania, one from New York, and another from Missouri. Four of us will be riding Harley Sportsters. It will be at least 9000 miles for all of us I believe. We will camping most of the way (at least that's the plan for now). Our "goal" is to reach the Artic Circle, but ultimately it's the adventure not the destination. We'll spend a couple nights in Fairbanks and a couple of nights in Anchorage as I understand. Above is a rough guess of our route along the way.

I am planning on updating this blog from the road as I can find Wi-Fi access. I'm hoping maybe a couple of updates a week (at best). I would strongly encourage everyone to sign up for my mailing list (thanks George!). I will send out updates to the mailing list as I update the blog here, and possible send updates more often to the mailing list if I can't get a good connection to update here.